Stuff, and stuff, but not just any ol’ stuff.

So, basically, I collect stuff. Not just any old crap though, it has to be a special kind of crap. It has to be neat or fascinating to me in some way, usually for a reason completely different than the original purpose for the crap in question (CIQ). I’m a really shitty photographer, by which I mean I don’t really give a shit about photography, and it shows. Unfortunately, that means most of the pictures here will probably suck in some/many regard(s). You won’t let it bother you though, cuz yer tough and gritty like that.

I have no idea how this will all work out, if at all. My tenative plan is to post one item per day until I’m cleaned out, or until I’m bored. So, since I’ve got probably 20-25 things worth posting right now, and I’ve been accruing at least one a week, I figure you’ve probably got about 5-7 days before I get bored and quit.

P.S. Did I just start a blog? I feel dirty. Thank god, nobody will see.

P.P.S. Butter.

Amish Butterchurn

Amish Butterchurn

Yup, that’s an Amish butterchurn. There’s a possibility that it’s Mennonite, not actually Amish. I’m not really sure how to tell the difference. Mebbe someday I’ll run into an expert on antique Amish/Mennonite farm implements. It’s probably 100+ years old, but I’m pulling that number outta my ass, cuz it looks old as hell. It’s basically constructed just like a barrel. The wood has contracted quite a bit over the years, so the rings have become pretty loose. I don’t think it would hold milk anymore, but it’s fantastic at holding spiders.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Amish. They’re such a fascinating group of people. It’s pretty rare to find an ultra-conservative religious sect who actually *does* encourage it’s youth to make their own decisions about their religion after exploring the outside world. They’re even very thoughtful about the kinds of technology they allow, and the ways in which they introduce/test it.

Also, is it just me, or are these things kinda phallic? Even the operation of it, pumping up and down, mebbe a twirl here and there to mix things up, it all seems strangely sexual. Not that I wanna get freaky with a butterchurn or anything, but if I was an Amish lad, and some hot little missy in her bonnet and ankle length dress wanted to churn some butter for me, I’d be pretty ok with that.

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