His name is Allosaurus Fragilis, but you can call him Al.

You know what beats Amish? Dinosaurs. Don’t believe me? Ask Sarah Palin.

I got this from some guy in Riverside that had fallen on some hard times, and had to start selling off his travelling freakshow. He had all kinds of weird shit, fossilized walrus penises, bones of damned near any animal you care to name. Don’t even try fronting with some platypus, cuz that fucker had it, right next to the tiger skull, and the giant mekong river catfish. I was surprised how much bigger the tiger skull was, in comparison to the lion. I took a few things off his hands that will probably be posted here later. No, I didn’t get any of those things.

Allosaurus Fragilis

Allosaurus Fragilis

Meet Allosaurus Fragilis. Well, meet a replica of his skull, anyway. This is a museum quality, full sized resin casting made from the original, which was unearthed at the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Utah. As far as I know, the original is still there. The whole skull is about 3 feet long. from the back of the lower jaw to the tip of the nose. It’s a therapod, like T-Rex, but they didn’t live at the same time. This guy woulda been cruising around about 145-155 million years ago. T-Rex came around much later, just before a certain famous asteroid/comet/Marcabian Spacecruiser. Allosaurus Fragilis would have stood about 12-14 feet tall, and 8-12 meters long, full grown. I dunno what’s so damned fragile about him. I think I’m gonna hang him over my fake fireplace. I defy you to find me a mantle-moose as cool as that.

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