Eau de Holy

This here is an ancient perfume flask from 100BC-100AD, unearthed in the Holy Land, so basically, it’s from the time of His Jesusness +-100 years. The color isn’t actually its natural color, I’m really not sure what it looks like underneath. I put a bright white light underneath it and it glowed this indescribable green/gold, so my guess is that it’s either a light green, or clearish. That’s a hell of a color though, ain’t it? When I put it in a display case, I think it’s gonna need a light under it, cuz that’s just stupendously cool looking.

100BC-100AD Perfume Flask from the Holy Land

100BC-100AD Perfume Flask from the Holy Land

Admit it. You “ooh”ed.

The opalescent patina you see is a result of being baked in the desert sands for 2000 years. It looked so purty, I didn’t want to remove it to see what was underneath. The patina is pretty fragile too, little bits flake off and stick to my fingers if I touch it, so I have to be excessively careful with it.

100BC-100AD Perfume Flask from the Holy Land

100BC-100AD Perfume Flask from the Holy Land

I guess it would have had some kinda glass stopper originally, but it’s long gone. During its useful lifetime, it likely would have stored perfumes, as perfume jars are wont to do. Back in the day, that meant things like frankincense, and myrrh. If one were wise, it would be just such a thing that one would bring to a certain rumored infant future-Savior. Personally, I’d have gone with a mobile, or some colored blocks or something. I’m not exactly “great with kids” though, so what do I know, maybe kids love perfume.

When I was buying this, I looked at a bunch of other stuff from the same period. I was all ready to buy a tear vial, until I saw this. People would capture their tears in them when mourning and then leave them at the tomb. Big mojo, or something. I should go back and get one of those someday. I’ll pay double if it still has dried up tears in it.

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2 thoughts on “Eau de Holy

  1. wow, I dunno where you find all of your treasures, but I must agree, all of these objects are stunning, even more so thanks to your fun and insightful descriptions of them… über-cool

    • I have a team of highly trained Sherpas and Dwarves, who scour the world, high and low, in search of anything that makes them say “What the fuck?”. Between the Dwarves, and the Sherpas, there’s no shelf I can’t reach.

      Thank you for your kind words. I shall pass them on to the team.

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