DNA model consisting of 12 complete base pairs, with Molymod

I ordered this as a pile of atoms and bonds, and had to put the whole thing together from scratch. I’ve been coveting one of these for years, so I’m happy to finally have it. There are 12 complete base pairs in the model, consisting of over 1000 individual parts.

Putting it together really gives you an appreciation for how it’s all put together, and how beautifully elegant DNA is. This is what life really is, at it’s core. Everything else is just machinery who’s purpose is to make sure this molecule prospers, and multiplies. In return, this one molecule is a seedbank containing all the information needed to build copies of itself, and all those little machines from raw materials in the environment around it. It’s impossible to describe it as anything but beautiful. Someday, we’re actually going to understand this stuff, and be able to do some really amazing, and really terrible things with it.

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/efwUdn


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