Stilbestrol is an estrogen mimic, and an endocrine disruptor. Starting in the 1940s, it was given to pregnant women with a history of miscarriage. By the 1960s, it was proven to not actually reduce risk of miscarriage.

What it did do, is much, much worse. See, this shit won’t just fuck you up, it will fuck up your children, and your children’s children. Women who took it have an increased risk of breast cancer. It causes genital birth defects in both male, and females exposed in utero. Women were susceptible to vaginal tumors, cancers, and t-shaped uteruses. I don’t know a whole lot about uteruses, but I’m pretty sure they’re not shaped like a T. In males, it causes testicular cancer, infertility, cryptorchidism, hypospadia.

That’s not all though, there’s evidence of an increased risk of birth defects, and infertility in a third generation. You, your kids, and your kids kids.

Needless to say, it’s pretty bad stuff, and nobody uses it anymore.

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