Mk V, and Mk 7 Marcabian Death Ray

Now, any sufficiently enlightened Scientologist is immediately going to recognize these as your standard issue Mk V, and Mk VII Marcabian Death Ray. We can’t all be superthetans though, so I figured I’d just come right out, and tell you. The Mk V was originally introduced into service during the 3rd Martian Insurrection, where rebel forces loyal to Xenu staged a planetwide laugh-in, refusing to remain silent during the indoctrination films. According to some sources, as many as 48 billion thetans participated in the event.

The Mk VII was rushed into service to correct a series of perceived flaws in the Mk VI design. Users reported the device had a tendency to fire uncontrollably, while holstered, often injuring the feet of the supplicant/victim. It is believed that the majority of incidents involving self injury were a result of improper use by undertrained, overworked staff. Nonetheless, the Mk VII incorporated a new "Safety" feature touted by the manufacturer as the most significant technological breakthrough in firearms since the original Mk 1 "Potato Blaster".

via Flickr


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