About “me”

I collect stuff, but don’t worry; I only collect things that are awesome.  I’m not interested in the boring shit other people collect, china, pokemon, grandfather clocks, whatever.  Why collect hundreds, or thousands of the same thing, and why limit yourself to one subject?  Where’s the joy in that?  The 30th, or the 300th (whatever) is never as interesting as the first.  Everything after the first one was just chasing dragons.

There’s just too much crazy shit out there in the world to play favorites.  I’ve aim to end up with a little bit of everything, some of it sick and wrong, some of it neat as hell, some of it just absurd. You want quack medical devices originally invented by the One True Mad Scientist, Nikola Tesla himself?  Fuck yeah, now you’re talkin’.  Morphine bottles from the early 1900s, with dosages for infants?  How can you not love something as sick and wrong as that?  How about racist memorabilia?  If you think shit was better in the olden days, you’re dead fucking wrong.  Ancient roman artifacts?  I’ve got 1st-3rd century Roman gaming dice that look *eerily* familiar.  Not oldschool enough?  How about a 90,000 year old Neanderthal scraping tool?   Perhaps you’d be interested in a piece of the planet Mars,or pieces of other planets that don’t exist anymore?  I’ve got a dinosaur head hangin’ over my fireplace, I figure that (b)eats the hell outta some pansy deer’s head.

Genre is irrelevant, I don’t care what it is, but it absolutely must be fascinating, whatever the reason.

Oh, and I can sometimes be reached via email at aninsignificantnobody@gmail.com.  Enough about me, do you want to sell me any of your fucked up, offbeat, neato shit?

5 thoughts on “About “me”

  1. Hi thanks for the response.
    I have looked on ebay and other places, but they are not the same as our old one, which was recently stolen.
    Yours is the closest ive seen…. Is there a chance you would consider a sale?

  2. Hi, you have a Tabernacle listed on your blog, can you advise me if you still have it and is it for sale?



    • Thank you for the interest! I generally don’t like to sell things in my collection. I’m always open to trades though. If you’re really interested in purchasing one, they can be found on Ebay for ~$1000-1500.

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