Travelling ether mask

An absolute must have, for any ether fiend on the go. Sure, Hunter would just use a rag, but that’s because he was a badass. This is for classy folks in fancy dress at ether parties. Or, you know..a doctor’s office. I like the first version better.

I’m not positive on the age, but it should be somewhere between 1900-1950ish.

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Sodium Thiopental (Sodium Pentothal)

Sodium Thiopental is one heck of an interesting drug. You probably recognize it as the "truth serum". Did you know it’s also the first of three drugs administered in an execution by lethal injection? The ampule contains 1 gram of the drug. A typical dose in a medical setting would be somewhere in the 200-400mg range for a normal sized adult. The dose delivered for a lethal injection would typically be about 5 of these ampules.

It’s a rapid-onset, and short-acting barbiturate general anesthetic. In small doses, it tends to make people agreeable, and talkative. In larger doses, it makes you go night-night.

This ampule was manufactured way back in 1956.

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