Replica Human Hand

It’ll do until I get a real one.

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Victorian mourning hair tree

I really love this piece. Victorians were a little stuffy, but you cannot deny those folks knew how to mourn in style. Tear vials, ridiculously awesome mourning attire, and beautiful things made from the deceased’s hair. So, this particular piece was lovingly hand made from 100% human hair, somewhere in the lateish 1800s.

In Victorian times, it was customary to mourn the dead by making decorative jewelry, wreaths, or trees from the deceased’s hair. In the case of jewelry, the item would typically be worn throughout the mourning period. It’s genius, really. Hair is fine like thread, it’s strong, and its the one thing that will basically never decompose.

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Human Brain

One slice of human brain. Only 7 more, and I’ve got a whole set!

It’s a medical preparation, encased in lucite, from Kilgore international, dated to somewhere in the 1970s-80s.

It’s really interesting to me how distinct the demarcation between grey, and white matter is, and how deeply the folds extend into the brain.

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