Replica Human Hand

It’ll do until I get a real one.

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Doctor Fenner’s Golden Relief

I got pretty lucky here this little box of snakeoil lies is completely unopened. It dates to right around 1920, and is fairly typical of snakeoil tonics of the day, the active ingredients being alcohol, ether, and chloroform, along with a variety of herbal oils, like camphor, and hemlock.

It’s not like Hemlock has ever killed anybody…

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Asylum for the Insane Window

I’ve wanted something from a real Insane Asylum for a very, very long time. I had always imagined it would be something like a straightjacket, or a hannibal lecter mask.

In some ways, this is actually better. I can’t possibly hang this on my wall fast enough.

Unfortunately, I have no idea which asylum it’s from.

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